Auto Layout

Before we start building an app, we must first understand the important concept of Auto Layout. Basically, when you design your app from the interface builder, you can only design it for one model of the iPhone at a time. But as you know, iPhones and iPads come…

Explaining the code and logic

We are using Object-Oriented Programming while making an app using swift. Now, I will explain how all the code and the logic works.

Object-oriented programming

The key point to be noted is that we are using object-oriented programming to develop our app. This includes using Interfaces and…

Build your first iOS App

Welcome to the third chapter. I know it’s a little unconventional to write a blog like this but I hope you get the idea here. Every blog is a new chapter in this guide for iOS App Development. Now, we shall create our own app.

Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog. This is the first entry in this blog and hopefully, I’ll write here every day. Today, I start learning Swift and Xcode which is the programming language and the application required to create iOS apps. I will document all my learnings here. The goal…

Abhinav Gupta

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